Vertex Hot & Cold Marketing is the water dispenser supplier of numerous trusted brands. Among the reputed brands which our company supplies are namely Vertex, Pureguard, Kiadai, Blacker, Yuutech, Kemflo, Ronald Jack, Smartem, Filtech, Hiropure, Maxpure, Synel and Benzing.

The brands water filter Malaysia and water dispenser Malaysia products that our company supplied are highly reliable for the features they offered in delivering healthy and clean drinking water. Upon the busy modern lifestyle of people nowadays, he demands of clean drinking water are also increasing. Vertex Hot & Cold has a wide array of water purifier to offer to customers by being the supplier of these trusted brands of water purifier products.

Customers can enjoy the benefits of clean and clear drinking water conveniently at home or office with our water purifying systems that are specially designed and made to provide the best drinking water.

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